A practical guide to ESG Integration in Sovereign Debt

Claudia Gollmeier, Colchester Senior Investment Officer and as Chair of the PRY Sovereign Working Group, has contributed to this paper and it's case studies; specifically the foreward, pages 22, 29 and 49.
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Colchester – Global Bond Investing in an Era of Negative Interest Rates

Navigating the prevalent negative bond yielding environment is leaving investors perplexed. This article addresses the misconception that positive returns cannot be delivered from government bonds with negative nominal yields and looks at the opportunities available across global sovereign markets.
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Emerging Market Local Currency Sovereign Debt

Colchester provide an introduction to the emerging market local currency debt asset class, discuss the merits of this investment choice and how Colchester manage their client's portfolios in this space.

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Emerging Markets – Resilient External Balance Sheets Support Attractive Currency Valuations

This is an opportune moment to take a step back and reassess valuations and financial stability in the local currency emerging market debt universe.

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Sovereign Credit Risk Case Study

Colchester’s case study on sovereign credit risk written by Claudia Gollmeier (pg 78-81) and published by the PRI as part of their paper ‘Shifting Perceptions: ESG, Credit Risk and Ratings. Part 3. From Disconnects to Action Areas.’

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Integration of ESG Factors into Sovereign Bonds: A Case Study of Russia

Colchester’s contribution written by Claudia Gollmeier (pg 132-140) for the CFA Institute’s ‘Guidance and Case Studies for ESG Integration: Equities and Fixed Income’.

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How Vulnerable are Emerging Markets to Rising Interest Rates?

Colchester’s investment team analyse debt levels in emerging markets in light of recent rises in global interest rates; and assess how vulnerable they really are in the event of further or more rapid rates rises.

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Environmental Social and Governance – Colchester Global Investors Responsible Investment

Responsible investing is, and has been since the inception of the company in 1999, integral to the investment process employed by Colchester. Colchester which has the primary...

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Global and Emerging Market Inflation Linked Bonds

Colchester’s investment team analyse the evolution of the Inflation Linked Bond market, how and why they are utilised in portfolios, and what Colchester’s investment approach is for this sector of the market.

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Prospective Real Yields and Active Global Bond Management

The prospective real-yield approach, based on purchasing power parity concept, appears to have real-world application, with a minimal need for forecasting. Only inflation can be forecast. Both perfect foresight and lagged...

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