Fidelity shines a light on Colchester’s Global Bond Fund and real value approach

Watch Cian O’Brien, Senior Investment Officer, discuss our real value approach as Fidelity shines a light on Colchester’s Global Bond Fund.

A practical guide to ESG Integration in Sovereign Debt

Claudia Gollmieier, Colchester Senior Investment Officer and as Chair of the PRY Sovereign Working Group, has contributed to further work in this important field.

Global Fixed Income markets – Where to from here & what considerations for portfolio construction

Colchester Global Investors’ Martyn Simpson explores how global bonds offer potentially higher returns and a rich and diverse opportunity set creating a genuine defensive allocation. He explores how investment into global sovereign bonds offers a defensive asset class that adds ballast to diversified portfolios on top of compelling risk/reward outcomes and reinforcing the need to look beyond domestic borders highlighting how global government bonds have outperformed Aussie Government Bonds over the last 10 years.

Colchester and Responsible Investing

Claudia Gollmeier discusses how Colchester incorporates responsible investing principles into its investment process.

Zenith Ratings Review

Zenith has awarded the Colchester Global Government Bond Fund a Highly Recommended Rating. Listen to Bronwen Moncrieff GM and Head of Zenith Research discuss the rationale behind this strong rating.

Lonsec Meet The Manager Interview

Lonsec’s Head of Research Libby Newman sat down with Colchester’s Martyn Simpson to discuss Colchester’s valuation driven approach to global bond investing. With emerging markets in the spotlight recently, Martyn explains the process behind Colchester’s emerging market allocation, and how Australian investors can benefit from global growth opportunities.

Keith Lloyd provides insights to who Colchester is, what Colchester’s investment philosophy is and why he believes clients choose them
Ian Sims provides his thoughts on why clients choose to invest with Colchester
Bond Investors Need to Lower Income Expectations

Returns available from fixed income are muted compared to historic yields, says Ian Sims, CIO of Colchester Global – but there are still opportunities out there for bond investors.